Manuel Ritz is a way of being, is an attitude.

Inspired to the works of the artist from andalusia having the same name, Manuel Ritz Pipò was born at the beginning of the 70s and immediately became leader in the market as innovative male total look brand.


The company Manifattura Paoloni Spa purchased and re-launched the brand through a decisive strategy aimed at the building of a strong and consistent brand awareness, developing growing investments in research and development and marketing activities. At the same time an important brand extension process has been carried out, validating the brand as a dynamic and original total look one.

The need of making it immediately recognizable and keeping at the same time the distinctive features and the history, made the brand modi ed in 2008 in Manuel Ritz.

You can find Manuel Ritz by visiting our store at Via Jūrmala Outlet Village!

A shopping mall unique in both concept and architecture with no counterparts in the Baltic States. A multi-brand, open-air outlet town!