Paoloni designs a renewed language in classic menswear.

Paoloni designs a renewed language in classic menswear, made of relaxed wearability for a wide level of versatility of one’s collection of clothes that clears itself from the strict dress-code rules and the occasions of use.


Manifattura paoloni spa is an italian fashion company working in different elds in the fashion setting.

The company is renowned due to its high specialization in the outwear production, being the crowning point of one of the manufacturing centres of le marche region. The strength of the group lies in the skilful mix among craftsmanship, items and tradition embracing innovation, research and design.

The strong italian character identifying the company in the eld of production and creativity, has not prevented manifattura paoloni from developing an effective international vocation both in terms of marketing and distribution.The activity is characterised by a strongly organised managerial structure where the individual peculiarity and uniqueness are at the very centre.

You can find Paoloni by visiting our store at Via Jūrmala Outlet Village!

A shopping mall unique in both concept and architecture with no counterparts in the Baltic States. A multi-brand, open-air outlet town!